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After school in orchid play school

Kids are so well equipped to face the challenges of formal schooling system. They are confident individuals, good at communicating thoughts and ideas and willing learners. They pick up the 3 R's (Reading, wRiting and aRithmatic) well. They are able to differentiate between a safe and unsafe environment and practice healthy habits. The preschool journey ends and the children are ready for the rigours of formal schooling.

Afterschool Program at Happy Feet strives to support the needs of children through academic, recreational and social opportunities that build upon individual strengths and interests necessary for future success.

In our After school care children enjoy an exciting afternoon full of physically and artistically enriching activities including Dance, Music, Art & Craft, Writing Readiness, Reading Readiness, Story time and More!! Whether you are looking for preschool alternative or Prschool supplement for your child this program would be suitable for 3.5 and above years old. The Afterschool program is offered from Mon – sat between 01.00 PM– 08.00 PM Parents can choose anytime from 1 hour, 2 hour or more depending upon Parent’s convenience.

At after school program we provide:

  • Safe and engaging environment that motivate and inspire learning outside the regular school day.

  • Safe places with adequate space and material.

  • Providing engaging opportunities to grow and learn.

  • Challenging curriculum in an enriching environment.

After school program helps the children to develop:

  • Academic and social skills in a safe and caring environment.

  • Contribute to raising children's self confidence.

  • It helps children's interests and ability in reading.

  • Learns to handle confliction in more socially acceptable ways.

  • Supports children's social development and their relationships with adults and peers.

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